Business & Civil Litigation

California Business Litigation

For many California businesses, lawsuits are an unfortunate fact of life, especially in today’s challenging economy. Disputes can cripple the day-to-day operations of a business and negatively impact profits. The attorneys at Schumann Arevalo LLP have experience litigating all types of business and commercial law disputes, from simple to complex. Our goal is to resolve disputes and minimize the disruption to your business. While we strive to settle lawsuits before they go to trial, our attorneys are experienced litigators who can provide you with skillful and effective representation should the dispute end up in court.

Litigation Specialists

The attorneys at Schumann Arevalo LLP have significant experience handling the legal challenges businesses routinely face. We provide knowledgeable, efficient and personalized service to our clients in the following areas of business litigation:

* Breach of contract and breach of warranty
* Fraud and misrepresentation
* Partnership and corporate dissolutions and disputes
* Shareholder disputes and derivative actions
* Liability of corporate officers and directors
* Breach of fiduciary duty
* Intellectual property disputes
* Trade secrets, unfair competition, and covenants not to compete
* Employment disputes
* Uniform Commercial Code issues and commercial litigation
* Merchant and vendor disputes
* Franchise disputes
* Unlawful business practices and false advertising
* Lease disputes
* Securities claims

Litigation Alternatives

Litigating a business dispute is usually time consuming and costly, and often comes at the expense of losing resources, customers, suppliers, and profits. It is essential for a business to resolve disputes quickly so that operations can continue without much interruption. Our goal is to always attempt resolution through negotiation and settlement and the attorneys at Schumann Arevalo LLP have extensive experience in mediation and arbitration. We emphasize efficient cost-effective resolution that is designed to protect the economic interest of your business. However, when a dispute cannot be settled out-of-court, our litigation team is prepared to fight to win.

Business Legal Solutions

In addition to litigation, our law firm also provides a variety of legal services to help your business correct common mistakes that can lead to litigation. Our business solutions can help you save money and avoid risk through such services as:

* Business formation (including incorporation and formation of LLC’s and partnerships)
* Contract negotiation and drafting
* Employment contracts
* Business dissolutions
* Financial transactions
* Purchase and sale agreements
* Leases
* Asset protection
* Copyright and trademarks
* Governmental compliance
* Confidentiality agreements